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professional development

DLgtS and DLConnect offer teacher professional development programs in the form of workshops and consulting. The hands-on workshop helps teachers learn to use free, high-quality science, technology, and mathematics online resources and tools in their classrooms. It also shows how to link these resources and tools to standards and reform efforts.

Our current face-to-face workshop efforts are focused on northern Utah, specifically in a partnership with Davis County. We currently do not have any other face-to-face workshops planned.

  • Teachers can learn how to use the Instructional Architect through other means:

    Curriculum for face to face workshops
    Curriculum Spring 2010 (these are a .zip file)
    This implementation was done in two different groups. The Tuesday group was not exposed to problem-based learning, the Thursday group was. Our hope was to find differences in how teachers designed their IA materials based on exposure to problem-based learning or not. On day 1 both groups learned about the Instructional Architect. On day 2 the Tuesday group focused on learning the technology more thoroughly, whereas the Thursday group was exposed to problem-based learning. Day three for both groups was spent reviewing and reflecting on what they learned in the previous two workshops and during implementation in their classrooms.

    Curriculum taught Fall 2009 (these are a .zip file)
    This implementation was done over instructional periods. They were taught the basics of the Instructional Architect on day 1 and day 2 they learned advanced features of the IA. Inquiry based learning, in the form of problem-based learning, was introduced on day 3 and the discussion continued on the final day of the program.

    If you have questions and would like to contact the DL Connect team, send an email to